[Coronavirus] Opposition Day Debates: Social Cohesion & Community and Financial and Social Emergency Support Package

On 25 March 2020, there will be two topics for the 7th allotted Opposition Day Debate in the House of Commons. The first debate is on the subject of "Social cohesion and community" and the second on "Financial and social emergency support package", both in the context of the Covid-19 outbreak. The House of Commons Library has shared relevant material below. Read more

Coronavirus Bill: Overview

The Coronavirus Bill (Bill 122 of 2019-21) was introduced to the House of Commons on 19 March 2020. The Bill is part of the Government's response to the Covid-19 pandemic and is intended to enable the Government to respond to an emergency situation and manage the effects of a pandemic. Read more

Coronavirus: Support for economies by European and other states

What economic support have governments given to businesses and individuals to tackle the impact of the coronavirus? This paper looks at the policies put in place by the EU, governments in Europe, the US and other developed countries. Read more

Coronavirus: Effect on the economy and public finances

The coronavirus outbreak is impacting the UK economy in a number of different ways: from supply chain disruption to the closure of businesses for public health reasons. This briefing provides an overview of how the virus is affecting the economy, the policy measures introduced to mitigate the impact, and the effect this all has on the public finances. Read more

Coronavirus Act: Food supply

The Coronavirus Act provides powers to require information about food supply chains. The Government has said that it is collaborating with the food sector to manage the risk of disruption to supply chains, but that the Act provides powers in case requests for voluntary provision of information were not to be complied with in the future. Read more

Coronavirus: Housing support

This briefing paper explains measures the Government has put in place during the coronavirus outbreak to assist households in retaining their homes and to enable local authorities to tackle the specific challenges faced by rough sleepers. The paper has been updated to take account of further measures introduced after 26 March 2020. Read more

Coronavirus Bill: implications for the courts and tribunals

The Coronavirus Bill includes provisions to expand the availability of video and audio link in criminal court proceedings. It also makes it easier to broadcast civil, family and tribunal proceedings by video or audio link. These provisions, as with the rest of the Bill, are temporary. Read more