I joined the House of Commons Library in 1993. It was my first proper job after studying economics at Sheffield University. I definitely didn’t intend to move to ‘that London’ permanently, but here I am over 25 years later! 

I started as a statistical researcher, providing information to MPs on a wide range of topics. It was hugely exciting to see my work being used in House of Commons debates. I particularly enjoyed the variety and researching new topics almost every day. After about 10 enjoyable years covering almost every policy area, I moved to a role in the House of Commons Information Office where I helped to inform the public about Parliament.

Since then, I’ve undertaken a range of leadership roles. I led one of our research teams before working on service improvement and change across the wider Research and Information team, which includes the Library. This involved looking at how our services meet customer needs, and where we can improve them or make them more efficient.

I’m currently in a role which combines leading on data and technology across the Library and working on a Parliament-wide project to make parliamentary data more accessible.

I’m really proud of the work we do. The best thing is colleagues I’ve worked with over the years. We’re a great team of many different talents who are hugely committed to our work. I also appreciate the flexibility of our workplace, especially as a foster carer.

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