I grew up in Brixton, and although it’s not far from Parliament, my journey here wasn’t straightforward. After university, it was hard to find work as I was either overqualified or didn’t have the required experience. So I took a job as a painter and decorator, and after about a year I volunteered at my local church to get some office experience. Unfortunately I lost my painter/decorator job not long after, but heading to the Job Centre gave me the opportunity to apply and interview for roles and organisations I wasn’t aware of.

I first joined the House of Commons Library as an office clerk for the Business and Transport research team, followed by the Statistics team. My current role involves helping all staff ensure they have the information technologies capabilities to carry out their job and duties effectively. I also engage with MPs and MPs’ staff to promote our in-house geographic information systems.

The Library is a welcoming place to work. I’ve always felt like part of the team and enjoy working with many people from different backgrounds. The House of Commons is also working on increasing its diversity, and introducing different ways and schemes to attract more minoritised people people to all departments, so that’s positive too.

Opportunities at the Commons Library

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