Eleanor Davis Editor

Before joining the House of Commons Library, I ran communications for the emergency medical humanitarian charity Médecins Sans Frontiers, in Ukraine. I travelled a lot, taking journalists to the conflict zone in the east, visiting patients with tuberculosis in prisons, and working on getting better medication into Ukraine for people co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C. Before this I was a regional news journalist based in the UK and spent a year in India working for a disability magazine.

My first role in the Library was as a communications manager, working with Library authors and journalists through Brexit, the pandemic, and a general election. I completed a master’s in gender, sexuality and culture alongside this. 

I’m now the Library’s Editor. This involves working closely with policy specialists and statisticians to ensure our publications are accessible, easy to read for non-specialists, and meet our style guidance. I am also part of ParliGender, one of ourworkplace equality networks. It’s a great way to meet people with similar interests, learn how Parliament works, and instigate real change for a more equitable workplace.

It’s challenging to keep abreast of everything going on in Parliament and there’s always a lot to learn. I really enjoy the breadth of subjects I get to delve into and working with specialists to make policy and legislation easy to understand.

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