I first came to the UK on a full scholarship to finish my studies in 2014. I completed my degree at the University of Bath, where I was also a Students’ Union Officer. Before joining the Research & Information team, which the House of Commons Library is part of, I worked at Stonewall as a Client Manager. This involved supporting universities with improving their services for LGBTQ+ people. 

I’m currently a taxation researcher. I’m part of a large team of subject specialists whose role is to support MPs in performing their duties by providing impartial, accurate, and timely information. By facilitating informed debates, for example through writing Research Briefings, we perform an important yet quiet part of this democracy.   

There aren’t enough words to describe how enjoyable this role is. The amount of information out there means that no day is the same. We have the opportunity to get involved in some really important work and acquire some incredible skills while working with an inspiring group of people. There are challenges, too. Navigating the Westminster system can be tricky and somewhat daunting. But for me, this is outweighed by how rewarding this role is.

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