• Debate Pack

    Performance of the Disclosure and Barring Service

    A Westminster Hall debate on the subject of the performance of the Disclosure and Barring Service has been scheduled for 1430hrs on Wednesday 26 October 2016. The member in charge of this debate is Helen Hayes MP. The proceedings of this debate may be watched via parliamentlive.tv

  • Research Briefing

    Retention of fingerprints and DNA data

    This note sets out the current law in England and Wales on the retention of fingerprints and DNA data by the police under the regime introduced by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. It also outlines the background to the changes made by the Act.

  • Research Briefing

    Mandatory life sentences for murder

    Murder carries a mandatory life sentence. This can mean that the offender will spend the rest of his natural life in prison, although more commonly the offender will spend a "minimum term" in custody before being released on licence. This briefing from the Commons Library describes the legal framework within which minimum terms are set and the circumstances in which a "whole life" minimum term may be imposed.

  • Research Briefing

    Serious Crime Bill

    This Bill would make changes aimed to strengthen the law on the recovery of the proceeds of crime. It would make amendments to the Computer Misuse Act 1990 to update existing offences. It would also provide for a new offence of participating in the activities of an organised crime group and make changes to Serious Crime Prevention Orders and gang injunctions. The Bill would provide for the seizure and forfeiture of substances used as drug-cutting agents. It would also amend the offence of child cruelty, create a new offence relating to the possession of ‘paedophile manuals’ and amend the law on Female Genital Mutilation. The Bill would create a new offence of unauthorised possession of a knife or other offensive weapon in prison and confer extra-territorial jurisdiction on the courts in respect of certain terrorism offences.

  • Research Briefing

    Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill

    The Bill has seven parts, designed to reduce the terrorism threat to the UK. It would strengthen powers to put temporary restrictions on travel and modify the Terrorist Prevention and Investigation Measures. It would extend the retention of relevant communications data, strengthen security for travel arrangements and make the existing Prevent programme statutory as well as address the payment of insurance for ransoms.

  • Research Briefing

    Assisted suicide

    This note provides background to the offence of assisting a person to commit suicide under the Suicide Act 1961, in the context of terminally ill people who may be unable to end their lives without the assistance of family or friends. Particular reference is made to the cases of Debbie Purdy, who in July 2009 obtained a House of Lords ruling ordering the Director of Public Prosecutions to formulate an offence-specific policy setting out the factors he will consider when deciding whether to prosecute assisted suicide offences, and Tony Nicklinson. The note also considers the Assisted Dying Bill [HL], a Private Member's Bill introduced by Lord Falconer of Thorogood, which is currently before the Lords.