• Research Briefing

    Funding for healthcare students in England

    This House of Commons briefing paper outlines the current funding system for: healthcare students, medical and dentistry students and paramedics and discusses the impact of the 2017 reforms on entrants to healthcare degrees. It also outlines new funding arrangements for nursing, midwifery, healthcare students and paramedics from September 2020.

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    Coronavirus: Student accommodation issues

    Compliance with coronavirus restrictions has meant many students haven't been able to live in their term-time accommodation for significant periods and many have had a poorer experience at university than expected due to Covid outbreaks and restrictions. This has led to students demanding rent refunds or discounts. How have universities, other accommodation providers and the Government responded to this?

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    Coronavirus: Financial impact on higher education

    Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic there have been concerns about the financial impact on universities. Much of this has focussed on the potential loss of international students, but there could also be losses in income from lower home student numbers, a drop in research work and less revenue from accommodation, catering and conferencing. What are the size of these impacts and what has the Government done to support the sector?

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    Coronavirus: Higher and further education back to campus in England in 2020/21?

    What is the guidance for students moving back on to campuses at the start of in 2020-21 and on returning home for the Christmas break? What concerns were raised about the return to campus? How have universities changed the way they organise teaching and how does this affect potential fee refunds? How many students and staff have tested positive for Covid-19? Has the peak among students passed? What impact will the national lockdown from 5 January 2021 have on students and providers?

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    The Erasmus Programme

    This House of Commons briefing provides information on the Erasmus+ programme and discusses the future position of the UK with regard to the scheme post Brexit. On 24 December 2020 the Prime Minister announced that the UK would no longer participate in Erasmus+ and would develop its own replacement programme - the Turing Scheme.

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    Support for students with mental health issues in higher education in England

    This House of Commons library briefing paper sets out data on the prevalence of mental health conditions in higher education students in England and outlines the action higher education providers, the government and the Office for Students are taking to help students with mental health issues. It also flags up how students can get support and looks at the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Research Briefing

    The reviews of university admissions

    This House of Commons briefing paper discusses the university admissions system and the various review of university admissions. The Office for Students launched its review on 27 February 2020. On 22 July 2019 Universities UK launched its own separate review of admissions which was published on 13 November 2020. On the same day Secretary of State for Education Gavin Williamson said that it was his intention to consider post-qualification university admissions and that the government will consult on proposals to “remove the unfairness” in the university admission system. The paper focuses on the use of predicted grades for university admissions, the increase in unconditional offers by universities, contextual admissions and issues around a post qualification admissions system.

  • Debate Pack

    Debate on e-petitions 300528, 302855, 306494, 324762, and 552911, relating to tuition fees

    A Westminster Hall debate on petitions relating to Tuition Fees is scheduled for Monday 16 November 2020. The motion for debate is: "That this House has considered e-petitions 300528, 302855, 306494, 324762, and 552911, relating to tuition fees". The subject for this debate was determined by the Petitions Committee and Petitions Committee member Chris Evans MP, will open the debate.