There is no shortage of information on Brexit. We publish a lot of it ourselves. Navigating through it all is harder though, which is why we have picked our top seven sites you should bookmark to help fight the information overload.

The links below will guide you through documents, papers and analysis on Brexit and the negotiations.

Negotiating Documents

Information about the Article 50 process and the Brexit negotiations can be found on:

Reports and analysis

  • Our own Brexit Hub: For expert information and analysis on how leaving the EU will affect different policy areas in the UK, this is a good place to start. We update it regularly with our research briefings and reports from the various committees in the Commons and Lords
  • Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU): This is the Government department responsible for leaving the EU. On its webpage you’ll find announcements, information about the whole Brexit process, departmental information, including Ministers and staff, negotiations, proceedings and speeches, such as the Prime Minister’s Florence speech
  • UK Parliament: For information about what’s happening in Parliament, the Exiting the EU page lists details of all Parliamentary business concerning Brexit. Here you’ll find details on evidence sessions to various committees, links to committee reports, and Parliamentary business such as Statements and Urgent Questions

Independent analysis

As is to be expected, there has been much commentary and opinion about Brexit from a number of different think tanks, organisations and experts, and it would be impossible to name them all on this blog post.

Two leading think tanks that have written extensively and authoritatively on the subject are:

  • Institute for Government: a leading independent think tank that conducts research across a number of different areas working to make government more effective
  • UK in a Changing Europe (complete with a handy countdown to leaving the EU): Provides authoritative and impartial information, insights and analysis about UK-EU relations

Both organisations have a wide range of publications and commentary from a number of specialists on issues concerning Brexit and the UK.