EU law after Brexit

What elements of EU law is the UK keeping after Brexit? Who can change this law in the future and how? Graeme Cowie, Constitutional Law Researcher, explains.

Read the briefing: The status of “retained EU Law”, published 31 July 2018

Brexit and UK chemicals

How will the UK regulate chemicals used in pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, paints and plastics after Brexit? Georgina Hutton, Science Researcher, explains.

Read the briefing: Brexit and chemicals regulation (REACH), published 6 November 2018

The new phase of relations between the UK, Ireland and devolved governments

David Torrance, Devolution and Constitution Researcher, explains why Brexit has led to a new phase of intergovernmental relations in the UK.

Read the briefing: Intergovernmental relations in the United Kingdom, published 24 July 2018