The UK-EU future relationship negotiations overview

UK-EU future relationship negotiations by topic

  • Level playing field

    The so-called level playing field are one of the main causes of disagreement between the UK and EU in the negotiations on their future partnership.

  • Fisheries

    The UK is in the process of negotiating its future relationship with the EU, including fisheries.

  • Governance

    Governance is one of the principal sticking points in the negotiations on the future UK-EU relationship.

  • Social security co-ordination

    The negotiations on social security co-ordination arrangements after the end of the Brexit 'transition period' in January 2021.

  • Transport

    The key transport issues on which the UK and the EU will seek to reach agreement over the course of 2020.

  • Extending the transition

    The timetable for the UK-EU future relationship negotiations and the process for extending this period.

  • State pensions

    As part of the EU, the UK was part of a system to co-ordinate the social security entitlements for people moving within the EU.

  • Energy and climate change

    Key energy and climate change policy in relation to the negotiations on the future relationship between the EU and UK.

  • March 2020 EU draft treaty

    An update on the first three rounds of negotiations and analysis of the draft new partnership treaty tabled by the EU in March 2020.

  • Dublin III Regulation

    The Dublin III Regulation enables the UK to return some asylum seekers to EU Member States without considering their asylum claims.

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