Coronavirus: Latest economic data

The coronavirus outbreak is causing significant disruption to the economy. Given the speed at which the outbreak has spread and the public health response to it, official economic data reflecting the impact will not be published until late April at the earliest.

Until then, a range of other sources, such as business surveys and anecdotal information, can be used to capture at least some of the impact of coronavirus on the economy. This briefing collates the economic data that is available into a single page that is frequently updated.…

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Coronavirus: Support for economies by European and other states

What economic support have governments given to businesses and individuals to tackle the impact of the coronavirus? This paper looks at the policies put in place by the EU, governments in Europe, the US and other developed countries.…

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Coronavirus: Effect on the economy and public finances

The coronavirus outbreak is impacting the UK economy in a number of different ways: from supply chain disruption to the closure of businesses for public health reasons. This briefing provides an overview of how the virus is affecting the economy, the policy measures introduced to mitigate the impact, and the effect this all has on the public finances.…

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