As part of their work, Commons Library researchers support caseworkers by providing the information they need to answer constituent queries. Our constituency casework articles are published as FAQs, short explainers, and in-depth briefings, and are free for all to read on this website. The information shared in these articles should not be relied upon as legal or professional advice. Read our disclaimer.

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  • Business and consumers

    Articles related to business and consumers. Topics include support for businesses, water meters, and broadband.

  • Communities and environment

    Articles related to communities and the environment on topics such as child support, voting, and finding funding for charities.

  • Crime, justice, and law

    Articles related to crime, justice and law. Topics include legal aid, jury service, and making complaints about courts, judges and the police.

  • Education

    Articles related to education on topics such as school funding, student finance, and support for special educational needs.

  • Funding

    Articles related to finding funding for businesses, charities, schools, disability aids, higher education degrees, and more.

  • Health

    Articles related to health, covering topics such as accessing health records, NHS prescription charges, and Covid-19.

  • Housing and planning

    Articles related to housing and planning. Topics include leasehold reform, helping tenants with housing, and planning rules for 5G masts.

  • Immigration

    Articles related to immigration, covering topics such as the EU entry/exit system, visas, and immigration appeal rights.

  • Welfare and pensions

    Articles related to welfare and pensions on topics such as social security complaints, getting a National Insurance number, and benefit support.

  • Work, incomes, and tax

    Articles related to work, incomes and tax. Topics include business rate appeals, council tax, and cost of living support for students.

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    Browse and access resources to help with constituency casework, including Grantfinder, Rightsnet, and the Local Government Information Unit.

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  • Constituency and local area data

    Browse and compare local-level data between constituencies and other small areas on topics such as housing, health, and energy.

    Constituency and local area data
  • Research

    Politically impartial publications produced by Commons Library researchers, covering legislation, policy areas, and topical issues.