This page provides constituency-level data on the 2019 General Election: the result in each constituency, number of votes for each candidate, a gender breakdown of candidates and overall turnout.

For more detailed analysis of the election results, see the Library briefing paper General Election 2019: full results and analysis.

Constituency data

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Candidates’ gender is recorded based on information in the public domain in the run-up to the election. ‘Non-binary’ indicates candidates with a non-binary or gender neutral gender identity.

The change in each party’s vote share relative to 2017 is shown in percentage points (e.g. a party that received 40% of the vote in 2017 and 30% of the vote in 2019 will have a change of -10 percentage points). If this is the first time a party stood at the election, the change is the same as their total share of the votes. Change is not shown for independent candidates as they do not belong to a party.

Data updates

This dashboard will be updated as soon as possible after a general election. MPs and their staff can contact the Commons Library with queries about election statistics.


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Image: Polling station (way in) / Paul Albertella / CC BY 2.0