This interactive dashboard allows you to explore data from NHS Digital on GPs and GP practices. It provides a map and list of GP practices in each constituency in England, information on whether the number of GPs has risen or fallen since 2016, and data on the ratio of patients to GPs in each area.

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GP practice list tab:

  • Information is shown for both main practice locations and branch surgeries. Each branch surgery is administrated by a main practice. In most data about GP services (for example on GP numbers and patients), data for branch surgeries is grouped with the parent main practice and is not available individually.
  • Dormant and closed GP practices are excluded from this list.
  • Covid vaccination services are excluded from the list of branch surgeries.

GP numbers tab and GP ratios tab:

  • GP numbers are presented on a full-time-equivalent basis which takes into account whether GPs work full-time or part-time. For example, a GP who works for half of a normal working week would count as 0.5.
  • Ratios are calculated by totalling patient numbers from the practice-level data file in General Practice Workforce and dividing by the total number of GPs in the individual-level data file.
  • Data is presented for NHS sub-integrated care board locations (sub-ICBs). Around one in eight constituencies overlap more than one sub-ICB. In a future publication we plan to provide a map of how constituencies overlap different sub-ICBs.
  • Data on GPs in training grade can’t be compared before June 2018 for regions and local areas because of changes in the way that trainee placement locations were recorded. Because of this, total data for all GPs, which includes GPs in training grade, can’t be compared before June 2018 for regions and local areas.
  • For fully qualified GPs, NHS Digital publishes data back to September 2015. However, they advise that data from before December 2016 should be regarded with caution because of submission issues, so those dates are excluded here.

Patient distribution tab:

  • Patient registration data is available for main practices only, and these figures combine data for any branch surgeries.
  • Constituency patient numbers are calculated by aggregating LSOA-level data on a best-fit basis, which provides a close approximation of constituency boundaries.
  • The data presented on this tab does not include patients who are registered at GP practices in Wales, or patients resident in Wales who attend GP practices in England.


The locations of GP practices are sourced from NHS Digital’s ODS data (epraccur and ebranchs files). This has been geolocated using Ordnance Survey addressing data and the ONS Postcode Directory.

Data on the number of GPs and the ratio of patients to GPs is calculated using figures published in NHS Digital’s monthly General Practice Workforce release, in particular the individual and practice-based CSV data files.

Data on patient residence and registration is taken from the NHS Digital publication Patients Registered at a GP Practice, and in particularly the quarterly LSOA-level analysis.

Data updates

We aim to update aspects of this dashboard in line with data releases from NHS Digital, but the data shown here may not be the latest available. MPs and their staff can contact the Commons Library with queries about updates.

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