You can use this constituency data dashboard to analyse the number of road traffic casualties by severity, vehicle type and age between 2018 and 2022. You can also viewing trends over time since 2000 at constituency level.

Recent trends in reported road casualties were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions on movement.

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The Department for Transport has published a custom reporting tool for traffic accident data. You can use this to get further detailed information on accidents and casualties in your constituency.

Data source

This analysis is based on the record-level data provided by the Department of Transport (DfT) Road accidents and safety statistics publication, which provides data on each collisions. The data has been labelled with the stats19 R package (Lovelace et al., 2019).

Constituency figures are calculated by matching the coordinates provided in the DfT data to the geographical boundaries of constituencies. The resulting figures may not match entirely with the aggregate number provided by the DfT.

Notes and definitions

The DfT data includes all collisions resulting in injury to a human that became known to the police within 30 days. Some collisions resulting in injury are not reported to the police. The data includes only collisions occurring on public roads (including footways) but not private roads or car parks

In line with the approach of the DfT, we have altered this page to refer to “collisions” instead of “accidents”.

Severity definitions:

  • A serious injury is one which resulted in the person being admitted to hospital as an inpatient, or any injury that included fractures, concussion, internal injuries, crushing, burns, severe cuts, severe shock requiring medical treatment, and injuries causing death 30 or more days after the collision.
  • A slight injury could include whiplash, a sprain, a bruise, or a cut, in cases not judged to be severe.
  • A fatal collision is one that resulted in the death of at least one person.

Data updates

We aim to update this dashboard annually. MPs and their staff can contact the Commons Library with queries about updates.