This interactive dashboard presents key economic data for the UK. The dashboard allows you to choose the data you are interested in, control the time period shown on the charts and download the data. Links are also given to relevant briefings from the Library and the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Our monthly economic update Insights also summarise how the economy is performing.

Coronavirus and the economy

Most economic data are published with a time lag. The effect that the coronavirus pandemic is having on the economy has started to appear in some official statistics (such as those shown in the dashboard) since late-April. The Library briefing paper Coronavirus: Latest economic data collates a range of other more timely sources, such as business surveys and anecdotal information that can be used to capture at least some of the impact of coronavirus on the economy.

The Library briefing Coronavirus: Effect on the economy and public finances provides an overview of how the virus is affecting the economy, the policy measures introduced to mitigate the impact, and the effect this all has on the public finances.

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