Find a charity in your constituency

It is possible to search online for charities with a registered address within specific Parliamentary constituencies. This article outlines how to search for charities in England, Wales and Scotland.

England and Wales

The Charity Commission for England and Wales provides a search facility to find charities within Westminster Parliamentary constituencies. It does not identify the Welsh Assembly constituencies.

The list is derived from the postcode of the charity’s named contact. The website states that:

“Many charities operate in small local areas. For charities that work in limited areas the contact will often live in or close to that area and this search will help you to find such charities.

Please note that the search will not identify all the charities that operate in your area. To find major national charities, international charities and those that provide key services you should use the main advanced search page.”

There is a download option limited to Members of Parliament and Welsh Assembly Members. This is restricted in order to protect charities from unsolicited commercial mailing.

Local authority areas

There is also an option to select a local authority area. This covers the whole of the UK. It works on the local authority area of the named contact and therefore the same provisions apply.

How to search


As stated above, the Charity Commission for England and Wales provides a search facility to find charities within all Westminster Parliamentary constituencies.

The website of OSCR, the Scottish Charity Regulator provides an option to find Scottish charities by Scottish Parliament constituency. It also provides an option to find charities by local authority area.

How to search

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