Due to the changes in constituency boundaries in 2024, the Library’s constituency data dashboards have been updated to reflect the new boundaries. You can find dashboards with data for the new constituency boundaries on the Library website.

This briefing forms an archive of data previously used in our dashboards for old constituency boundaries. The data reflects the most recent available at 30 May 2024.

The previous constituency boundaries came into use in 2010 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and in 2005 in Scotland. Boundaries changed UK-wide at the 2024 general election.

The data files listed below, which are provided in .xslx spreadsheet files, include constituency level data, and usually regional and national comparisons. Some data files may also include sub-constituency level data such as Middle-Layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs) and Lower-Layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs), which are referred to as neighbourhoods in these files.

Analysis of the 2021 census

These datasets cover local results and analysis from the 2021 census on topics including demographics, housing, and education.


These datasets include local data on schools funding and educational attainment.


 These datasets include local data on topics such as NHS funding, GP practices, and health conditions.

Transport and infrastructure

These datasets include local data on topics such as broadband coverage and road traffic accidents.

Business and industry

This dataset includes local data on business statistics, and the coronavirus business support schemes.


These datasets cover local data on topics including home ownership, renting, and housing supply.

Work and incomes

These datasets include local data on topics such as unemployment benefits, average earnings, and Universal Credit.

Public services

This dataset covers local data on magistrates courts.

Election data

 These datasets include local data concerning electorates and the 2019 general election outcome.

MP data

These datasets cover MPs’ activities in parliament.