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This paper provides details and links for ministerial statements, urgent questions and parliamentary debates that covered international affairs and defence during the 2023-24 session (from both Houses of Parliament).

The paper is divided into two main sections: geographic regions – covering areas such as the Middle East and China; and themes – including areas such as defence and human rights.

The coloured panel on the left of each entry indicates in which Chamber the debate or statement took place: green for House of Commons and red for House of Lords.    

Debates and statements for the previous Parliamentary sessions were covered in the following briefing papers: 

Note: Debates and statements related to Brexit and the UK’s future relationship with the EU are not covered in these papers but have been included in earlier briefings: Brexit statements (CBP-8467, 17 February 2020); Brexit debates 2019 (CBP-8489, 23 January 2020); Brexit debates 2018 (CBP-8246, 7 January 2019); and Brexit debates: June 2016 – December 2017 (CBP-8131, 19 December 2017).

Documents to download

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