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This Commons Library briefing paper provides information on NHS complaints procedures in England. The standard two-stage NHS complaints procedure, where complaints are first raised locally and with the option of referral to the Health Service Ombudsman, can be used for most complaints about NHS services. However, other options may also be appropriate in some cases depending on the objective of the complaint, such as obtaining an apology, compensation, disciplinary action, a change in policy, or a clarification of the law.  Section 9, at the end of the briefing paper, lists some of the organisations that can provide help and advice to patients who wish to make a complaint about NHS services.

It is important to note that some care services are provided by local authority social services departments. Complaints about these services are outside the scope of this briefing but further information is available from the Local Government Ombudsman website.

Procedures for NHS staff to raise concerns are covered in a separate Library Briefing Paper, NHS whistleblowing procedures in England (SN06490).

Information for complaint procedures is published by the Health Services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Documents to download

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