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On 2 April 2015, the world powers negotiating with Iran over its nuclear programme announced a joint comprehensive plan of action to move towards a final agreement by the final deadline of 30 June 2015.

The plan involved Iran limiting its uranium enrichment and reducing its enrichment infrastructure for a period of several years and accepting intrusive International Atomic Energy Agency inspections.

The West agreed to lift sanctions in exchange and to pass a United Nations Security Council resolution backing the deal and setting out a framework for Iran’s nuclear materials procurement and ballistic missile use.

Several aspects remained to be worked out in continued negotiations after the April announcement of a framework deal. These included an agreement on ‘possible military dimensions’ (evidence that Iran may have been working on a nuclear weapon) and the timing of the lifting of sanctions.

Finalisation Day. On 14 July, final agreement was reached.

On 20 July the deal was endorsed by the Security Council.

Adoption Day is 18 October 2015, 90 days after the endorsement of the deal by the UN Security Council.

Implementation Day happens when the IAEA conforms that Iran has fulfilled most of its undertakings and the EU, US and UN simultaneously suspend their nuclear –related sanctions against Iran.

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