The Commons Library has compiled a selection of books, journal and press articles, think tank, parliamentary and library publications relevant to the UK's renegotiation of its membership of the European Union. This last update will be followed by a new series of briefings on the consequences of the Brexit vote.


A selection of the most recent books, including:

  • Why vote leave?
  • Why Europe matters for Britain: the case for remaining in the European Union
  • Europe: in or out? Everything you need to know
  • The UK’s in-out referendum: EU foreign and defence policy reform
  • United by or against Euroscepticism? An assessment of public attitudes towards Europe in the context of the crisis

Journal articles

A selection of the most recent articles, including:

  • The day after Britain votes

  • How Europe will break on Brexit

  • The Remain campaign have only thin gruel to keep Britain in the European Union

  • What is the OECD position on Brexit?

  • Brexit and the Irish question

Law blogs

A selection of the most recent law blogs, including:

  • What next after the UK vote to leave the EU?

  • A bonfire of rights? EU employment and equality law after Brexit

  • How would Brexit impact the UK’s involvement in EU policing and criminal law?

  • Immigration

  • Does the EU have a “democratic deficit”?

News articles

A selection of the most recent news articles, including:

UK press

  • EU leaders call for UK to leave as soon as possible

  • Britain plunges into constitutional crisis after vote to leave EU

  • Brexit vote leaves UK on brink of recession, economists say

  • Referendum puts 70 years of EU integration into reverse

  • Multinationals warn of UK job cuts and lower profits after Brexit vote


Foreign press

  • Tusk: leaders to meet without UK to discuss Brexit “details”

  • British MEPs back Cameron, exit talks likely in autumn

  • Rivals trade harsh words in final Brexit debate

  • China’s high stakes in the British EU referendum

  • Bloomberg: City of London “more profitable” inside EU

Press releases

A selection of the most recent press releases, including:

  • Justine Greening: the UK’s place in the world and the EU referendum
  • Minister for Europe speech at FT live summit: “Best of both worlds – Britain in a reformed EU”
  • Nicky Morgan: leaving the EU risks a lost generation

Official publications

A selection of the most recent official publications, including:

  • ONS Migration statistics quarterly report: May 2016

  • HM Treasury analysis: the immediate economic impact of leaving the EU

  • HM Treasury analysis: the long-term economic impact of EU membership and the alternatives

Think tank publications

A selection of the most recent reports and analysis, including:

  • Which are right? Phone or internet polls? New evidence from a NatCen innovation

  • Eutopia: romantic and right

  • Remain or Leave? What the numbers below the headlines tell us about the outcome

  • Measurement without theory: on the extraordinary abuse of economic models in the EU referendum debate

  • Economical with the truth: a review of HM Treasury analysis, “The long-term economic impact of EU membership and the alternatives”


Committee publications

A selection of the most recent Committee publications, including:

  • The economic and financial costs and benefits of the UK’s EU membership – Treasury Committee

  • Transparency of decision-making in the Council of the European Union – European Scrutiny Committee

  • The UK renegotiation package – European Scrutiny Committee

  • The process of withdrawing from the European Union – European Union Committee (Lords)

  • Implications of the referendum on EU membership for the UK’s role in the world – Foreign Affairs Committee

Devolved administration publications

A selection of the most recent publications from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, including:


  • EU reform and the EU referendum: implications for Scotland – Scottish Parliament European and External Relations Committee


  • Wales and the EU: What does the vote to leave the EU mean for Wales? – National Assembly for Wales Research Service


Northern Ireland

  • The EU referendum and potential implications for Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Information Service

Commons Library briefings

A selection of the most recent briefing papers, including:

  • EU referendum: the process of leaving the EU
  • EU referendum: analysis of the UK’s new EU settlement

  • Brexit and the UN Security Council

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