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A selection of the most recent books, including:

  • Why vote leave?
  • Why Europe matters for Britain: the case for remaining in the European Union
  • Europe: in or out? Everything you need to know
  • The UK’s in-out referendum: EU foreign and defence policy reform
  • United by or against Euroscepticism? An assessment of public attitudes towards Europe in the context of the crisis

Journal articles

A selection of the most recent articles, including:

  • The day after Britain votes

  • How Europe will break on Brexit

  • The Remain campaign have only thin gruel to keep Britain in the European Union

  • What is the OECD position on Brexit?

  • Brexit and the Irish question

Law blogs

A selection of the most recent law blogs, including:

  • What next after the UK vote to leave the EU?

  • A bonfire of rights? EU employment and equality law after Brexit

  • How would Brexit impact the UK’s involvement in EU policing and criminal law?

  • Immigration

  • Does the EU have a “democratic deficit”?

News articles

A selection of the most recent news articles, including:

UK press

  • EU leaders call for UK to leave as soon as possible

  • Britain plunges into constitutional crisis after vote to leave EU

  • Brexit vote leaves UK on brink of recession, economists say

  • Referendum puts 70 years of EU integration into reverse

  • Multinationals warn of UK job cuts and lower profits after Brexit vote


Foreign press

  • Tusk: leaders to meet without UK to discuss Brexit “details”

  • British MEPs back Cameron, exit talks likely in autumn

  • Rivals trade harsh words in final Brexit debate

  • China’s high stakes in the British EU referendum

  • Bloomberg: City of London “more profitable” inside EU

Press releases

A selection of the most recent press releases, including:

  • Justine Greening: the UK’s place in the world and the EU referendum
  • Minister for Europe speech at FT live summit: “Best of both worlds – Britain in a reformed EU”
  • Nicky Morgan: leaving the EU risks a lost generation

Official publications

A selection of the most recent official publications, including:

  • ONS Migration statistics quarterly report: May 2016

  • HM Treasury analysis: the immediate economic impact of leaving the EU

  • HM Treasury analysis: the long-term economic impact of EU membership and the alternatives

Think tank publications

A selection of the most recent reports and analysis, including:

  • Which are right? Phone or internet polls? New evidence from a NatCen innovation

  • Eutopia: romantic and right

  • Remain or Leave? What the numbers below the headlines tell us about the outcome

  • Measurement without theory: on the extraordinary abuse of economic models in the EU referendum debate

  • Economical with the truth: a review of HM Treasury analysis, “The long-term economic impact of EU membership and the alternatives”


Committee publications

A selection of the most recent Committee publications, including:

  • The economic and financial costs and benefits of the UK’s EU membership – Treasury Committee

  • Transparency of decision-making in the Council of the European Union – European Scrutiny Committee

  • The UK renegotiation package – European Scrutiny Committee

  • The process of withdrawing from the European Union – European Union Committee (Lords)

  • Implications of the referendum on EU membership for the UK’s role in the world – Foreign Affairs Committee

Devolved administration publications

A selection of the most recent publications from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, including:


  • EU reform and the EU referendum: implications for Scotland – Scottish Parliament European and External Relations Committee


  • Wales and the EU: What does the vote to leave the EU mean for Wales? – National Assembly for Wales Research Service


Northern Ireland

  • The EU referendum and potential implications for Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Information Service

Commons Library briefings

A selection of the most recent briefing papers, including:

  • EU referendum: the process of leaving the EU
  • EU referendum: analysis of the UK’s new EU settlement

  • Brexit and the UN Security Council

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