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This briefing paper sets out the basic architecture of a range of statutory employment rights and provides links to underpinning legislation.  Where relevant, it highlights useful resources and links to more detailed Library briefings.

The paper covers the following areas:

  • agency workers
  • blacklisting
  • bullying
  • criminal convictions
  • deduction from wages
  • equality
  • family-related leave
  • fixed-term employees
  • flexible working
  • holiday
  • industrial action
  • insolvency
  • national minimum wage
  • notice 
  • part-time workers
  • redundancy
  • references
  • retirement age
  • right to guarantee payments for workless days
  • statement of initial employment particulars
  • statutory sick pay
  • suspension
  • TUPE
  • variation of contracts
  • unfair dismissal
  • whistleblowing
  • working time

For each area, the paper adopts the following structure:

  • a summary box containing headline information and in some cases links to more detailed Library briefings;
  • links to key legislation in the area (including, where appropriate, EU Directives); and
  • a short introduction to the relevant statutory rights.


Sources of employment rights advice

This paper is not a substitute for legal advice.  For a discussion of sources of legal advice, see the Library’s briefing on legal advice and help in employment matters.  


The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service is the principal statutory body charged with providing guidance on employment law; it operates a free helpline for both employers and employees: see here.

The Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS) can advise workers on the application of the Equality Act 2010: see here for an overview of the assistance it provides, and here for EASS contact details.

Documents to download

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