Most non-EEA nationals applying for temporary leave to remain in the UK must pay an 'Immigration Health Surcharge' (IHS) to the Home Office, in addition to the immigration application fee. The Government has a manifesto commitment to increase the charge and extend it to EEA nationals after the Brexit transition period.

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The IHS is intended to “ensure that migrants make a proper financial contribution to the cost of their NHS care.”

The charge doubled in January 2019 to its current rate of £400 per year (£300 for certain visa categories).

The March 2020 Budget confirmed that it is scheduled to increase again in October 2020, to £624 per year. The Government has said that this amount reflects the full costs incurred by migrants using the NHS.

Certain categories of visa applicants will remain eligible for a new discounted rate of £470. EEA nationals moving to the UK after the Brexit transition period will also be required to pay the IHS.

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