There were 220 female MPs elected at the 2019 General Election (34% of all MPs). This was the highest ever number and proportion. In 1979 there were 19 women MPs, 3% of the total.


Since 1979, the average age of MPs has remained around 50 years. 50% of MPs elected in 2019 were aged over 50. Members aged 18-29 and those over 70 each represented 3% of the total.


In 2019, 65 MPs were from minority ethnic backgrounds, 10% of the total. This was an increase of 25% compared to 52 in 2017. In contrast, there were 4 minority ethnic MPs elected in 1987. Currently, around 15% of the UK population is from a minority ethnic background.


In the 2019 election, 46 LGBT+ MPs were elected to the commons, one fewer than in 2017. Of those 46 LGBT+ MPs, 20 were Conservative, 15 Labour, 10 SNP and one independent.


Conservative MPs elected at the 2019 General Election were the most likely to have attended a fee-paying school: 44% compared to 38% Liberal Democrat, 19% Labour and 8% SNP.

Parliamentary experience

140 MPs elected in 2019 had no previous Parliamentary experience (22%). 495 (76%) had been MPs in the 2017-19 Parliament and 15 were re-elected having served as MPs further in the past.

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