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The Welfare Reform and Work Bill 2015-16 had its Third Reading in the House of Lords on 9 February, and the Commons is due to consider Lords amendments on 23 February. 

Government amendments were agreed to parts of the Bill relating to the household Benefit cap, loans for mortgage interest, and social housing rents.

At Report Stage on 25 January, the Government suffered a defeat on an amendment tabled by the Bishop of Durham and others to require the Secretary of State to continue to report annually to Parliament on the number of children living in poverty under each of the four existing poverty measures specified in the Child Poverty Act 2010.  The amendment was agreed by 290 votes to 198.

The Government suffered a second defeat at Report on 27 January.  An amendment tabled by the Crossbencher Lord Low of Dalston and others to retain the Employment and Support Allowance work-related activity component was agreed by 283 votes to 198.

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