Elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly on 5 May 2016 resulted in little change to the party composition. Changes to the number of Members for individual parties comprised one or two seats.

Following the 2016 elections the two largest parties in the Assembly remain the DUP (38 MLAs) and Sinn Féin (28 MLAs).

2016 Elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly

NI 2016 votes and seats by party

108 Members were elected by Single Transferrable Vote, 6 Members for each of 18 constituencies. The Democratic Unionist Party had the highest share of first preference votes in 11 constituencies, Sinn Féin in 5 and the SDLP in 2.

Party with highest % of 1st preference votes by constituency

30 women were elected to the Assembly; 27.5% of MLAs are women, the highest number and proportion ever

The People before Profit Alliance won two seats, their first in the Assembly.

Turnout was 54.2%, lower than any previous Assembly election since 1998 (based on valid votes).

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