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Click the link at the bottom of this page to download the Excel file and then select the local authority of interest. The document will display statistics for statutory homelessness and rough sleeping in the local authority over the last five years.

Statutory homelessness

The statutory homelessness count refers to the number of households over the course of a year which the local authority has agreed it has a duty to house under the 1996 Housing Act.

Homeless households can apply to their local authority for housing assistance. Households are accepted if they are eligible, unintentionally homeless, and in a priority need group. Priority need groups include households with dependent children, pregnant women and vulnerable individuals.

The Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 came into force in England on 1st April 2018. The Act puts a new duty on local authorities to prevent or relieve homelessness for anyone eligible for public funds, not just those who are unintentionally homeless and in priority need.

This briefing shows trends up to the end of March 2018, before the Act came into force. MHCLG has published statistics on homelessness for April-June 2018, including data on prevention and relief. However, there are data quality issues which mean that comparisons between the old and new data should be made with caution.

Temporary accommodation

Local authorities have a duty to secure accommodation for statutorily homeless households. Households may be placed in temporary accommodation while their application is in progress, or after being accepted as homeless but while waiting for secure accommodation to become available.

Data is published on the number of households in temporary accommodation at the end of each quarter.

Rough sleeping

Estimates of numbers of rough sleepers are produced by local authorities annually, each Autumn. Each local authority can decide whether to carry out a count of rough sleepers or produce an estimate based on contact with local experts (e.g. charities, the police).

Homelessness statistics for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Housing is a devolved issue; this document covers homelessness in England only.

Homelessness statistics produced by devolved administrations are available from the following sources:

Documents to download

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