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The number of Polish nationals living in the UK increased from around 69,000 in 2004 (when Poland joined the European Union) to around 853,000 in 2014.

In Q1 20016:

  • There were around 908,000 people born in Poland, and 984,000 nationals of Poland living in the UK.
  • Around 69% of people born in Poland were aged 25-49 compared with around 34% of the UK population as a whole.
  • A larger percentage of the Polish nationals were aged under 20 than people who were born in Poland. Around 23% of Polish nationals were aged under 20, compared with 14% of people born in Poland.
  • The regions with the largest numbers of Polish born migrants were London (177,000), the South East (123,000) and the North West (97,000).
  • The countries and regions with the smallest numbers of Polish born migrants were the North East (19,000), Northern Ireland (24,000), and Wales (27,000).

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