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The issues covered in the articles highlighted include:

Options for a future agreement with the EU on ‘free movement of people’

  • Is it feasible that the UK will be able to secure a trade deal with the EU as well as a greater ability to control EU immigration?
  • To what extent do the EEA/EFTA agreements with the EU require the application of EU free movement of people laws?
  • Might the EEA/EFTA arrangements be suitable models for the UK to seek to emulate?

Options for immigration policy post-Brexit

  • What implications does leaving the EU have for the future design of UK immigration policy?
  • How might immigration flows be affected by changes to EU citizens’ free movement rights?
  • How should policymakers respond to the referendum result, in advance of the UK leaving the EU?

Implications for asylum policy

  • What implications might leaving the EU have for asylum/refugee intake to the UK?
  • Would leaving the EU require widespread changes to UK asylum laws?
  • Would the UK be able to continue to participate in EU-wide asylum measures, such as the Dublin regulations?

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