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This paper provides information about three main strands of assistance to small businesses: lending and other direct finance; investment funding; and non-financial assistance. 

The paper provides brief information about a number of specific funding programmes. The list of schemes covered is not exhaustive. 

For lending and direct finance, there is outline information about some current funding programmes including the Start Up Loans scheme, post-Brexit schemes and the Recovery Loan Scheme to support businesses following the coronavirus pandemic. There is also brief information about Regional Growth Funds, which have now ended. 

The section on investment funding includes outline information on three tax-based venture capital schemes, the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme, the Enterprise Investment Scheme and Venture Capital Trusts. It also references Enterprise Capital Funds and angel investment via the Angel CoFund. 

The third section, on non-financial assistance, outlines support for small businesses via Government procurement; the services of the Small Business Commissioner in relation to late payment; and the Government-run business support helplines and portal.

Documents to download

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