Elections were held for 4,846 seats on 88 local councils in England, Scotland and Wales on 4 May 2017. These elections comprised:

  • 1,787 seats on 27 County Councils in England
  • 527 seats on 6 Unitary Authorities in England
  • 55 seats on 1 Metropolitan Borough in England
  • 1,277 seats on 32 Scottish local authorities
  • 1,250 seats on 22 Welsh local authorities

In England the Conservatives won 61% of seats up for election, this is nearly double the percentage of available seats won in 2016 (31%). Labour won 18% of seats up for election (this is less than half the share of available seats won in 2016, 47%). The Liberal Democrats won 13% of available seats, a slight fall on the share received in 2016 (14%).

In Scotland the SNP won 35% of seats, the same share as in 2012. In Wales Plaid Cymru won 16% of seats, an increase of 2% points on 2012.

The 2017 local elections took place with a “snap” General Election being announced two weeks earlier on 18 April.

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