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This briefing paper has been superseded by a new Commons Library briefing paper, Brexit: UK consumer protection law (Number 09126, 21 May 2021). The new briefing paper, written after the Transition Period ended, considers some of the implications of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU for selected areas of consumer protection law.


A significant part of UK consumer rights and remedies derive from EU law (directives and regulations) and are relatively long standing. EU consumer law creates a minimum standard for consumer law and safety standards which every EU member state must meet. In practice, when UK consumers buy goods and services from other EU countries they can rely on consumer law and safety standards which are the same as or like those in the UK. In addition to harmonised consumer rights, EU consumer protection legislation also gives UK consumers the right to enforce their rights in the EU (and vice versa).

This Commons briefing paper summarises the current structure of the UK consumer protection regime and EU consumer policy (EU Consumer Acquis). It then provides an outline of the possible impact of Brexit for UK consumers, including a no-deal Brexit.

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