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HMRC publishes data on businesses that import from and export to non-EU countries (equivalent data on trade with EU countries does not exist). The information published is business name, address and the type of goods being traded.

The spreadsheet below lists these businesses (as of January 2018) by constituency, along with a description of the type of goods that are traded. Goods are classified according to the EU’s Combined Nomenclature (CN). This classification determines the rate of customs duty to be levied on the goods when they enter the EU, and is also used for trade statistics.

However, it should be noted that the data:

  • does not show the value of the goods traded
  • does not include trade in services  
  • is not necessarily complete, because businesses can request to be removed from the published data, and because details of some businesses are removed for confidentiality, commercial, strategic or security reasons.

The spreadsheet only displays up to three different categories of goods imported or exported per business. Some businesses import and/or export across more than three categories of goods. The complete, detailed breakdown of the type of goods traded can be found by searching for the business in question in HMRC’s Exporter details page and Importer details page.

Documents to download

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