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This House of Commons Library briefing provides information on key provisions in the Health and Social Care (National Data Guardian) Bill 2017-19.

Peter Bone MP presented the Bill on 5 September 2017 as a Private Member’s Bill (Presentation Bill). This briefing has been prepared ahead of the Bill’s Report Stage and Third Reading on 6 July 2018.

The Bill would place on a statutory footing the office of the National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care, a role currently held by Dame Fiona Caldicott. The National Data Guardian is responsible for advising and producing guidance on patient data and confidentiality.

Prior to the establishment of the National Data Guardian in 2014, Dame Fiona Caldicott chaired the 2013 Information Governance Review, which revised the seven ‘Caldicott Principles’ of how patient data should be processed. A further review, on data security, consent and opt-outs, was published by the National Data Guardian in 2016.

A commitment to place the office on a statutory footing was included in the 2017 Conservative Party General Election manifesto. The Bill, as introduced, has received cross-party support.

The Health and Social Care (National Data Guardian) Bill 2017-19 applies to England only.

Documents to download

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