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The cases included were chosen because they clarify or advance an aspect of primary of EU law of general interest, or because they address a point of EU law that is relevant to the Brexit/Future Relationship negotiations.

Omitted from the briefing are intra-institutional proceedings, Commission enforcement proceedings, and any other proceedings regarding very detailed and sector-specific EU secondary legislation.

The briefing is organised first by subject area of EU law, and secondly by date of the relevant judgments.  The summaries are in plain language where possible.

Note: because of the volume of case law the CJEU sees, this briefing will be regularly updated when chosen judgments in a given subject area have all been summarised. At this time, the following EU law subject areas have been covered:

  • The Fundamental Freedoms (capital, establishment/services, goods, persons & Citizenship)
  • Competition Law and State Aid Law
  • Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (covering the Brussels Regulations, asylum, and the European Arrest Warrant)
  • Social Policy (covering employment and social security coordination-related case law)
  • Fundamental Rights (covering case law on the rule of law, discrimination on religious/belief grounds, and data protection/privacy rights)
  • External Relations (covering case law on treaties concluded by the EU and its Member State and case law on restrictive measures adopted by the Council)
  • Intellectual Property (covering case law on trademarks and copyright)
  • Transport (covering case law on the air passenger rights regulation and EU law covering air services more generally)
  • Other (covering case law in less frequently litigated subject areas, such as consumer protection, environmental law and financial services)

Documents to download

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