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The EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill 2019-20 was introduced into the House of Commons on Friday 20 December 2019. It is mostly the same as the Bill of the same name introduced in the previous Parliament. However, some provisions have been substantially altered, removed, or added, and there are also a number of more minor drafting changes.  

The current Bill has been introduced because the UK Government and the EU have reached political agreement to a negotiated withdrawal agreement (a treaty) and a framework for the future relationship. In order to ratify and implement that withdrawal agreement (WA) further primary legislation is required.

This short paper highlights the changes between the October version of the Bill and the December version of the Bill on a clause-by-clause basis, in table format. 

A Commons Library Insight The new EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill: What’s changed? provides background to the Bill and identifies the key differences between the Bill and the earlier October 2019 version.

Other Library briefings

The following Library briefings analyse specific aspects of the December 2019 EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill:


The October EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill

The Commons Library produced a series of Insights and briefings papers on the October 2019 version of the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill, which fell with dissolution. Some of these are still relevant to the December version of the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill, although in some cases there have been changes in wording or renumbering of clauses.

The following Insights are up to date in substantive terms:

Documents to download

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