Bill summary

A Bill to make provision about the administration to persons under the age of 18 of botulinum toxin and of other substances for cosmetic purposes; and for connected purposes.

The Library will produce a briefing or material for the second reading debate and this page will be updated when it is made available.  

The second reading paper may be updated as the Bill goes through Parliament; alternatively additional papers will be added to this page to reflect the Bill’s progress.  

Further reading

Progress of Bill 

New Bill to restrict under 18s’ access to Botox and fillers echoes Nuffield Council concerns, Nuffield Bioethics, 5 February 2020

Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures: Regulation, House of Commons Written Question, 3 February 2020

Private Members’ Bill ballot : 9 January 2020

Help for Members of Parliament and their staff  

In addition to writing and updating published papers as bills go through Parliament, the House of Commons Library can assist Members of Parliament and their staff with individual enquiries about bills, particularly on the policy background.   

 The Public Bill Office (PBO) supports public bill committees.  The staff working in the PBO can advise Members of Parliament on tabling amendments to bills and on the drafting of Private Members’ Bills. 

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