The Library has produced a set of briefings before all stages of the Bill are scheduled in the House of Commons on Monday 23 March 2020.

Coronavirus Bill: Background

This includes a background to coronavirus, information on what the virus is and relevant statistics, the Government response to date, including the Coronavirus Action Plan, and the introduction of the Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020. It also covers the final provisions of the Bill (clauses 67; 71-87).

Coronavirus Bill: Health and social care measures

This briefing includes a range of provisions relating to health care, including the emergency registration of staff, state-backed insurance, provisions to support services in an emergency period and public health measures (clauses 2-6; 9-16; 31-32; 34; 47-48).

Coronavirus Bill: Childcare and education settings

This briefing covers powers to temporarily close educational institutions or registered childcare providers, and other related powers (clauses 35-36).

Coronavirus Bill: Statutory sick pay and national insurance contributions

This briefing covers the provisions in the Bill that deal with Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) in relation to coronavirus, as well as arrangements for a new form of emergency volunteering leave and changes to allow the Government to modify National Insurance contributions (clauses 7-8; 37-42; 69-70).

Coronavirus Bill: Managing the deceased

This briefing covers provisions in the Bill that deal with the ability to register and manage deaths during a pandemic (clauses 17-20; 28-30).

Coronavirus Bill: Emergency powers and national security

This briefing covers clauses 20-21 of the Bill on investigatory powers, as well as clauses 48-50 of the Bill on port closures and restrictions on movement, events and gatherings.

Coronavirus Bill: Food supply

This briefing covers powers around the collection of information on food supply (clauses 23-27).

Coronavirus Bill: implications for the courts and tribunals

This briefing covers provisions in the Bill to expand the availability of video and audio link in criminal court proceedings (clauses 51-55).

Coronavirus Bill: Elections

This briefing covers provisions for postponing elections, including those scheduled for 7 May 2020 (clauses 57-66).

Coronavirus Bill: What is the sunset clause provision?

An overview of what sunset clauses are, the clause featured in the Bill and a discussion on how they work.

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