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The paper is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any individual or family and suitably qualified legal advice should instead be sought. 

Relevant national and local restrictions should also be consulted. These can be found at the respective pages for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

The paper addresses:

  • Can children move between the homes of separated parents?
  • Rules regarding children required to self-isolate 
  • Requirements to self-isolate/quarantine when returning from abroad
  • How should parents comply with a court-orders for contact?
  • How are child maintenance payments impacted?
  • Can I visit my child in care/residential home?
  • My child contact centre is closed: What alternatives are being made?
  • Where can I go for help and advice?

This is a fast-moving issue and the briefing should be read as correct at the time of publication.

Documents to download

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