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This briefing paper was last updated in May 2020 and will no longer be updated.

On 20 March 2020 colleges and universities were closed in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The closure of institutions has raised a significant number of issues for providers and students and has caused considerable concern across the post-18 education sector.

Library briefing, Coronavirus: implications for the further and higher education sectors in Englanddiscussed concerns that were raised in the early weeks of lockdown. The paper covered among other things: the financial impact on the sectors and the higher education sector’s call for a £2bn bailout package, university admissions in 2020/21 and student concerns about accommodation costs, teaching and assessment and support funds.

This paper follows up on that briefing and gives updates on later announcements and developments, including: the Government’s 4 May 2020 announcement of a support package for universities and students, university’s online delivery of undergraduate courses in 2020/21, deferment of students in 2020/21 and information on the re-opening of colleges.

This paper follows a similar format to the earlier paper and was correct at the time of writing, 21 May 2020. For later information readers should consult Government and stakeholder websites

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