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On Thursday 4 June 2020, the House gave leave for an Emergency Debate (under Standing Order No 24) on the conduct of House business during the pandemic.

The application was made by Alistair Carmichael who expressed concern about the implications Members having to be physically present to participate in proceedings, following the House’s decision to accept the Government’s proposals on 2 June.

Temporary procedures and practices for House of Commons sittings during the pandemic were introduced before and after the Easter recess. Arrangements for hybrid proceedings, which allowed Members to participate in proceedings virtually, and provisions for remote voting lapsed on 20 May 2020.

Arrangements to return to physical proceedings were confirmed on 2 June and did not allow any remote participation. However, on 4 June, Government motions to allow virtual participation in questions, urgent questions and statements; and remote voting for Members restricted by coronavirus were agreed.

Procedure Committee reports relating to procedure under coronavirus restrictions

The Procedure Committee has published four reports to keep the House informed of the proposals for hybrid proceedings; on the introduction of remote voting; and on the discontinuation of remote participation:

Documents to download

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