Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination Bill 2019-21: Progress of the Bill

The Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill 2019-21 has completed its Committee stage and is due to have its Report stage and Third Reading on 30 June. The Bill was passed by the Public Bill Committee without amendments.

In summary, the Bill would repeal free movement, and other related EU-derived rights in UK primary and secondary legislation, and bring EU citizens under domestic immigration law. It would also make provision for Irish citizens and amend retained direct EU legislation on social security.

The Bill is not directly concerned with the future immigration system for EU citizens who move to the UK after Brexit. That will be provided for through the Immigration Rules.

Information about the progress of the Bill, details of tabled amendments, and other related documents can be monitored via the Bill’s pages on the Parliament website. A separate Library briefing paper, prepared in advance of the Bill’s Second Reading stage, provides a more detailed overview of the Bill.

  • Commons Research Briefing CBP-8946
  • Authors: Melanie Gower, Steven Kennedy
  • Topics: Benefits, Immigration