The Library has published a series of briefings on international dimensions of the coronavirus pandemic since March 2020, ranging from general surveys of its impact on developing countries to assessments of its effects in specific situations. Links to these briefings can be found here.

Coronavirus: cases, responses and support in sub-Saharan Africa, 25 March 2020

Coronavirus: fears for the Rohingya, 9 April 2020

Coronavirus: conflict zones and refugees in the Middle East, 9 April 2020

Libya: upsurge of violence amidst the pandemic, 21 April 2020

Coronavirus and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, 28 April 2020

Coronavirus: sanctions and humanitarian crises, 13 May 2020

Coronavirus: mounting debt crisis for the world’s poorest countries, 3 June 2020

Coronavirus in developing countries: mapping national policy responses, 29 June 2020

Coronavirus: responses in Rwanda and Tanzania, 29 June 2020