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The Trade (Disclosure of Information) Bill 2019-21 essentially replicates certain data sharing powers from the Trade Bill. 

The powers in this bill would expire if equivalent powers in the Trade Bill come into force. 

What’s in the bill?

The Bill would:

  • enable data sharing between HMRC and other private and public sector bodies to fulfil public functions relating to trade.
  • allow specified public authorities to share data in order to facilitate the exercise by a Minister of the Crown of the Minister’s functions relating to trade
  • require the Secretary of State to make regulations to cause the rest of the bill to expire if the Trade Bill is passed and if it contains provisions that have the same or similar effect

Why is this needed?

The government states that the powers in this bill are needed for the end of the transition period, including to give the Border Operations Centre information it needs to manage and mitigate potential dispruption at the border.

Where do I find out more?

Please see the full briefing paper, by clicking on download full report.

Documents to download

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