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There are various bodies with responsibility for road maintenance and safety in the UK:

This FAQ briefing covers:

  • Responsibilities: Who is responsible for roads, motorways and traffic signs? What are the powers and responsibilities of local authorities over street lighting, road damage and Clean Air Zones.
  • Road use and maintenance: Can you get compensation for loss of business due to road works? Can councils force utilities to reinstate roads? Can local authorities ban lorries from roads? Is there a cost for parades?
  • Road and vehicle maintenance and safety: What are smart motorways? How is vehicle safety around schools ensured? Where does the money made from speeding fines go? How can e-scooters, off-road motorbikes and quad bikes be used safely?

There are some statutory public bodies that can provide further information:

Please note that nothing in this paper should be considered as constituting legal advice. It is not intended to address the specific circumstances of a particular individual. A suitably qualified professional should be consulted if specific advice or information is required.

You may also be interested in the Road traffic offences and licensing FAQs briefing, which provides answers to various questions about traffic offences and driver licensing.

Documents to download

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