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Germany voted to elect 735 members to the 20th Bundestag. 47 political parties contested the election, with eight winning seats in the chamber.

Chancellor Angela Merkel had already announced she would be standing down after 16 years in office, so the country is set to see a new government. Three candidates have a realistic chance of replacing Merkel as chancellor: Annalena Baerbock (Greens), Armin Laschet (Christian Democratic Union – CDU) and Olaf Scholz (Social Democratic Party – SPD).

Climate change was the key issue for most voters during the election campaign, following the devastating flooding that hit western Germany in July. Foreign policy, the European Union and migration received little attention from the candidates.

On 27 September 2021 the Federal Returning Officer released the provisional result of the election, showing the centre-left Social Democrats had won the most seats, taking a narrow lead over the conservative CDU/CSU bloc.

The official, final result of the election will be announced on Friday 15 October.

Coalition negotiations have already started and it is likely that Germany will have its first three-way federal government, with the SDP holding talks with the Greens and the Free Democratic Party (FDP).

More intensive negotiations are set to take place on 11 October.

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