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This paper has been written specifically for Members of Parliament and their staff, though others may find it of general interest.

It is a compilation of regularly asked questions about driving, roads and vehicles. There is no intended link between articles other than that the topics are often the subject of requests by Members, usually on behalf of their constituents.

It covers the following issues:

  • Driving – who is responsible for driving and vehicle policy across the UK and the impact of Brexit on road haulage.
  • Roads – who is responsible for roads across the UK.
  • Vehicles – including banning petrol and diesel cars, electric vehicles, noisy exhausts, bright car lights and vehicle requirements after Brexit.

Please note that nothing in this paper should be considered as constituting legal advice. It is not intended to address the specific circumstances of a particular individual. A suitably qualified professional should be consulted if specific advice or information is required.

You may also be interested in the Roads and Traffic Regulations FAQs briefing or the Road traffic offences and licensing FAQs briefing.

Documents to download

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