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What is statutory sick pay?

Statutory sick pay (SSP) is the basic minimum statutory payment to which qualifying employees are entitled for periods where they are incapable for work because of an illness. It is currently paid at a rate of £99.35 per week.

The right to SSP is set out in the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 (SSCBA 1992) and the Statutory Sick Pay (General) Regulations 1982 (SSP Regulations 1982). These set out who is entitled to SSP, the rate at which it is paid and the periods when it is payable.

SSP is a minimum statutory right. Many employers have occupational sick pay schemes which may provide higher rates of pay or cover longer time periods. Occupational sick pay will be governed by the terms of the employment contract. There are no restrictions on how an occupational sick pay scheme operates, provided employees do not receive less than their minimum statutory entitlement and employers abide by the terms of their own policies and contracts.

This briefing covers:

  • Who is eligible for SSP?
  • When is SSP payable?
  • Who pays SSP?
  • Possible future reform of SSP

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