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The House of Commons Commission is the statutory authority responsible for the administration of the House of Commons.

It is responsible for setting the strategic priorities and objectives of the House departments, for employing the staff of the House; setting the House’s budget; and determining the functions of the departments of the House.

The Commission is chaired by the Speaker and, in addition to the Speaker, six MPs, two House officials and two external members serve on the Commission. Its members are listed on its website.

External members have to be appointed by resolution of the House of Commons, after being recruited on merit on the basis of fair and open competition and the appointment being agreed to by the Commission.

The current external members of the House of Commons Commission are

  • Shrinivas Honap, from 1 October 2021, for three years
  • Catherine Ward, from 28 June 2023, for 18 months

The Commission described the process followed in recruiting Catherine Ward in its report:

Documents to download

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